We Can Offer An Extremely Flexible And Competitive Manufacturing Service.

Commercial kitchen

Stainless steel tables, sinks, soak sink trolley, perforated cabinets & storage bins, wall shelves, wall cabinets, work top table with intermediate & overhead shelves, work top with condiments shelves, hot & cold bain-marie, hoods, exit entry table, gratings, Juice counter, service wall, Mop sink, Service trolley, Plate collection Trolley, GN Trolley, Platform Trolley,2 tier service trolley, Upright GN trolley, Meat hanging Trolley, Over head shelf’s, Pass through shelf, cladding and extraction systems.


Refrigeration’s, frost work top, upright refrigeration’s, chest freezer. Display chillers, Grab & Go type Chillers, Hot Bain Marie, Cold Bain Marie, Ice cream display freezers, cake display freezers,Cock tail stations, Blender station, Speed rail, ice well and extraction systems.


Stainless steel slob- Hooper, guards, chutes, tables, pass through cabin, utensils’ trolley, Knock out drawers, Floor gratings, racking and other manufactured products to assist production.

Food processing

Stainless steel tables, sinks, shelves, Tandoor Oven, BBQ Units, Indian Cooking burner, Hot plate, Chinese cooking burner, Shawarma Machine, conveyors, racking and extraction systems.

Display’s & Grab & Go

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